The SDY Prize is an academic-based award that acknowledges student accomplishments within various units of study. Typically, recipients will receive both monetary prizes and publication opportunities to help reinforce their studies – providing further incentive. Some even receive assistance in finding employment or networking in their fields to further drive motivation in their studies.

This award, established as a memorial to Professor Michael Casper Blad and intended to inspire future economists, is presented by the Faculty of Economics to recognize those students who submit an outstanding dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Establish by a grant from the Walter Noel Gillies Fund, the Walter Noel Gillies Prize of Economics is awarded annually to a candidate for Doctor of Philosophy degree who has submitted the most meritorious dissertation on Economics within twelve months prior to receiving their award. As a memorial to late Profesor Henry Mayer who taught political theory with great distinction at Sydney, this prize is open only to postgraduate research students enrolled full time at University of Sydney with full time studies within Department of Political Economy; any scholarship providing stipend allowance are ineligible from receiving this prize award.

To be considered for the Sdy Prize, students must earn at least 80% in each unit of study with sufficient merit for it to be included on their portfolios. Furthermore, candidates must belong to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at University of Sydney while being enrolled in one of these degrees:

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This year, sdy was victorious at ESL Challenger Jonkoping and took home a prize of $25 000 as champion. Monte’s win marked its inaugural major LAN tournament win – and sdy played an instrumental role. Recording a career-best performance to defeat Eternal Fire in the final, this Ukrainian rifler led them all the way.

After Monte decided to place Frederik “FESSOR” Sorensen on the bench, Sdy currently has an opening on his roster. At this time it remains uncertain if Sdy will be chosen as their rifler or they may opt for another option; either way it should be exciting to see what comes next from this prolific rifler! We wish him all of our best in his future endeavors and know he will continue to amaze! Thanks again sdy for all your hard work – we look forward to seeing you back soon!