What is the Sdy Prize?

sdy prize

A Sdy Prize is an annual university award given out annually to students who perform well in their units of study. Winners receive significant cash amounts that they can put towards studies or activities of interest – plus the chance to network and build their confidence! If you’re thinking about entering, make sure you contact your university to see which options may be available to you first!

Viktor Orudzhev, better known by his nickname sdy, has had some ups and downs throughout his career but never gave up. From competing at tournaments to practicing his game alone at home studios – regardless of who or what was watching – his drive never faltered as he continually improved his aim, movement speed and decision-making skills were unmatched by anyone in today’s gaming landscape.

Sdy is one of the key members of 01 Esports, earning him an excellent living from his game. After leaving Spirit for 01 in 2021, Sdy quickly made an impactful mark as part of an award-winning squad, including winning the Ukrainian Cup Championship and reaching semi finals at Pinnacle Cup I and BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 respectively. He quickly established himself as one of CS:GO’s premier players while continuously working to refine his play and further advance himself as an ace player.

The SDY Prize at the University of South Australia is an open call to creative researchers conducting visual art or design creative research. This award includes both a cash grant and international fieldwork as part of their higher degree project, with approved fieldwork approved by their supervisor in order to be considered for it.

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