The Hongkong Prize – The First Award of Its Kind in Asia

hongkong prize

The Hongkong Prize is an prestigious award that recognizes individuals who have done extraordinary things in their lives, with its founders believing that honoring humanitarian deeds will help more people to recognize and understand humanity. Therefore, its founders dubbed it as the first award of its kind in Hong Kong; paying tribute to individuals exemplifying its spirit – such as one using technology to assist homeless people or one using fine art concepts to interpret human rights as fine art concepts as past winners.

The award has both a monetary value and its winners can gain access to premier research facilities within the city of Birmingham. They also receive international exposure and top-tier media coverage; thus attracting thousands of applicants each year.

Scientists seeking the Hongkong Prize should submit original scientific research that has tangible societal benefits and has been published in a peer-reviewed journal as first author without industry funding. Individuals and teams alike are welcome to apply; winners may use their prize monies towards funding future scientific endeavors or for any other purposes they deem suitable.

If you’re interested in competing for the Hongkong prize, visit their website for more information about the contest. Be sure to read over all rules and regulations carefully prior to entering so as to avoid any unexpected issues down the road. Find a reliable gambling site offering fair play and reasonable winning chances; multiple entries could increase your chance of success as well.

The Hong Kong Prize contest is open to people from Southeast Asia, mainland China and around the world. Beginning March 1 and concluding on May 31, it can be entered by visiting World of Winners splash page and entering your name and email. There are multiple ways of winning in this competition including cash prizes as well as tickets for Hong Kong!

Applying for the Hongkong Prize should require reading the rules and consulting with a representative, as competition for this prize is fierce and winnings can be lucrative. Top ten finalists will also receive annual MTR passes and shopping vouchers as additional incentives.

The Hongkong Prize is one of Asia’s premier literary awards, drawing thousands of applicants each year. The winner will receive a monetary award, plaque at an awards ceremony and F&B benefits – making this an exceptional opportunity for writers specializing in Asian culture and history. To avoid disqualification, applicants should adhere to all rules and submit their entry on time – otherwise disqualification could occur.